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Teen Addiction Treatment Programs

Inspirations for Youth and Families is a residential teen addiction rehabilitation facility which offers a wide range of programs.

Adolescent Addiction Programs


Residential Rehab for Youth

Inspirations Teen Rehab provides gender specific-boys and girls drug abuse treatment and boy’s and girl’s behavior therapy, in a nurturing and therapeutic environment.

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Dual Diagnosis Addiction Facility

Inspirations is a recognized leader among behavioral health care providers in offering substance abuse treatment as well as treatment for individuals that are dually diagnosed.

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Education During Treatment

Inspiration’s rehab academic program recognizes troubled teens and the relation between drug abuse and academic performance. In response, Inspirations Teen Rehab has created an individualized academic program approach to working with teens in rehab.

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Teen Addiction Interventions

An intervention is a process of uniting loved ones, related to or friends of an individual struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or prescription drug addiction. An intervention is necessary when an individual struggling with Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or prescription drug addiction is in denial of the problem, yet the chaos and destruction of behaviors is evident to loved ones, family, and friends.

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Adolescent Drug Detox

While some teens do not require detox, more serious addictions to prescription opiates, depressants, alcohol, and heroin can require detoxification prior to treatment at a rehab center. In order for rehab to be successful in these cases, the client will need to rid his or her body of the many toxins found in drugs and alcohol.

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Addiction Treatment Therapies

Teens attend group and individual therapeutic sessions daily. In our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, Teens have the opportunity to work on coping skills, accountability, respect, morals and ethics, stress management, anger management, solution oriented thinking and planning, and various therapeutic modalities.

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