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With massive numbers of its young adults using prescription medication, West New York is looking at epidemic levels of prescription pill addiction.

One time straight A student, Destinee H., knows all too well about prescription pill addiction and its detrimental side effects. Destinee began taking prescription medication after being diagnosed with endometriosis. She was initially given hydrocodone, then Percocet and eventually Oxycontin.

Destinee was like most teenagers. She was completely oblivious to the side effects  and addictive nature of the drugs she was taking every day. Eventually she noticed she was unable to function without the medication that would give her a powerful sense of euphoria she had never experienced before. Destinee’s life began to spiral out of control as she scrambled to find money to buy more pills and hide her addiction from her loved ones. She was forced to become a prostitute to pay for her expenses and eventually turned to heroin, a cheap alternative to prescription medication.

Following her arrest for cashing a stolen check, she was offered the possibility of entering a drug diversion program designed to help individuals overcome addiction. Fortunately, she graduated from the program two years ago and has been drug-free since. Destinee wanted to share her story and warn us of just how addicting prescription drugs can be even when taken for prescribed medical reasons.

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