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Author N.K. Wilson shares why she thinks Inspirations is so great

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“If my family and myself had this kind of support when I was 15, 10 years of pain and destruction could have been avoided. Well done Inspirations for all your hard work.”

– N.K. Wilson, published author

N.K. Wilson is a popular addiction author who reached out to Inspirations to share her appreciation. She commended us on our dedication to helping teens with substance abuse and mental health disorders. As well as, providing the most optimal level of care each teen deserves. Kim also stated that she would have loved the support and therapies Inspirations teen rehab provides when she was a teen.

About N.K. Wilson

nk wilson


When N.K. Wilson (Kim) finally emerged from a life blighted by addiction and the horrors of unwanted paranormal experiences from her childhood, you may have forgiven her for choosing to forget all about it and move on with her life.

But instead of taking the easy route she chose to write about her troubled life. In a bid to help others to come to terms with their own personal problems and set them free from the demons of the past.

Standing on the Edge of Addiction takes the reader on an absorbing journey. With the author, battling bulimia, alcoholism, self-harm, love and sex addiction and the complicated after effects of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).

It is a story written in brutal honesty, as she felt that God would have wanted it told. Dealing with complex shame and long suppressed subject matter which many would rather take with them to the grave.

We at Inspirations for Youth and Families are honored to be recognized by who we believe to be an esteemed addiction expert. Thank you N.K. for your kind words.


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