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I was born and raised by a good family in Lynchburg, Tennessee. It was a quiet country town where I was raised right by my mom and dad. However, after my parents got divorced, I started getting in trouble.

I was only 12 years old when I start drinking and acting out. I didn’t care about respecting authority. After a terrible year with my mom, I moved back in with my dad. I thought things would be better, but I still continued to get in trouble.

One day I was riding a four-wheeler ATV and I decided to huff the gas based on what I read in a book. From that day on, my life went downhill. I loved the feeling of being high and I wanted to stay high without getting caught by my dad.

Eventually, I did get caught. I was expelled from school for having prescription pills and my dad made me go to outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment wasn’t enough for me and I relapsed. I started drinking, huffing, and taking pills again. I was smoking many different things.

My dad got fed up with my behavior and he sent me back to live with my mom. I continued using many different drugs and acting out. After I wore out all my chances, my mom sent me to Inspirations for Youth and Families. At Inspirations, I found my faith with the help of a Rabbi. I now have the desire to always stay clean and sober.

Peyton’s Story
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