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Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) invited a person in recovery and former client of its sister rehab The Cove Center for Recovery to share her story of drug abuse and recovery experiences with our teen girls. Maya who is nineteen years old volunteered to speak to the teens at Inspirations because of their closeness in age. She hopes that sharing her story with those younger than her will inspire them to take their sobriety and time in treatment seriously.

Maya is a person in recovery and this is her story:

Maya was born in Arizona but moved to Connecticut at the age of nine where she grew up and spent most of her life. Before moving she recalls some of her earliest memories were of her being molested by a family friend which lasted for three years. Although Maya has now come to terms with her traumatic childhood she still acknowledges its connection to her drug abuse.

The summer before her freshman year of high school Maya began using marijuana and drinking alcohol. These few instances eventually led her to experiment with more dangerous substances such as heroin which became her drug of choice (DOC) from her teen years into her adulthood.

After turning eighteen Maya moved to Florida where she suffered from abuse brought on by her partner. Maya has struggled with heroin addiction from the age of fifteen until she came to the Cove last August. When asked what she thinks contributed the most to her drug use she informed the teens that the trauma she endured in her life so far was what sparked her choice to self medicate.

At the age of sixteen Maya attended a concert. She was raped at the event and also suffered a black eye and three broken ribs. This trauma caused her to use even more and spiraled her drug abuse out of control. She began to use more frequently which caused her and her family to drift apart. Another traumatic event in Maya’s life occurred when she was seventeen and suffered from what they call a dopesick condition. Seeking relief from her heroin withdrawals she met up with a dealer to get high who then took advantage of her in such a state by raping her for a second time in her life.

While sharing her recovery story Maya made sure to convey to our teens why it’s important for them to take their treatment and being sober seriously. She shared with them that since she was fifteen she has been to three rehabs and has immediately relapsed each time after leaving because she did not take the program earnestly. Maya also informed us that since leaving treatment at the Cove she has not relapsed and that if she put forth more effort she could have subsequently avoided many of the traumas and misfortunes in her life.

Maya to date is almost three months sober and will be moving into an apartment by herself. She also hopes that with the coming summer she can follow her dreams and move to Los Angeles. Maya decided to share her story with the teens to educate them that being sober is worth it.

“I love the feeling of being sober. I don’t have to worry about being sick from withdrawals or how I’m going get my next fix. I can just live.” Maya

Person in recovery speaks to Inspirations teens in rehab
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