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We got our son back! We had been struggling with our son for years with failing school, smoking weed, low esteem and confidence. My husband and I racked our brains trying to figure out where we went wrong and how it got to this point. We took him to therapists, doctors, tutors, behavioral neuro therapists all trying to help him. Finally this past Presidents day he ran away. When I found him and got him in the car he yelled at me “Mom you have no idea what I’ve been through.” I then learned of abuse from our old neighbor the year we lived in Ramsey and our son was 5-6 years old.

We took him to a counselor he wouldn’t talk. Calling the DA and pressing charges dealing with court was stressful and our son’s marijuana use increased. We then began researching dual therapy treatment as we knew just treating marijuana addiction would not be helpful without also treating the mental anxiety issues from being abused at such a young age. With fear and much struggle we got our son on the plane. The hardest thing we have ever done was flying home and leaving our son in Florida.

He was there 6 weeks. He came home sober and a reformed teen. He learned about himself, how to manage and live with past abuse without burying his feelings in marijuana. He is starting to finally see he has a future. It will be a long road ahead and years of family therapy ahead but finally we have our son back! He is smiling again and optimistic working in school to succeed! I can’t say enough about the help and future that Inspirations for Youth gave our son. I know if any relapses issues redevelop they will be the first people we call.

Thank you!
Joe and Libby

Inspirations for Youth and Families

On behalf of everyone at Inspirations for Youth and Families, we are glad we were able to help Jonah with his recovery journey. This journey will be long, hard and he will face many obstacles but we are happy he has decided to begin the journey. We are happy to hear he has been doing great since his stay at IYF teen rehab and hope that he constinues to succed in everything he does.

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