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College offers most freshmen an exciting new life that allows students to finally be free from parental control. Often a student’s initial interpretation of college life is that there will be freedom to explore in a number of activities that were not permitted to them when they were in high school. Sometimes these activities could involve going to parties where there are drugs and alcohol. The mere thought of this undoubtedly can keep parents up all night. If you have a child going away to college, you know what I’m talking about.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 35% of the freshmen population will comprise the bulk of new drug users and potential drug abusers on college campuses nationwide.

1. Alcohol – Alcohol, wine and beer are the widest used controlled substance consumed on college campuses. The most prominent effect of alcohol is dependence and according to national statistics 15% of college freshmen are alcoholics or enrolled in an AA program after completing their freshman year.woman drinking wine

Marijuana joint

2. Marijuana or Mary Jane, which is also referred to as a blunt, weed, herb, bud and chronic is considered to be the second most readily used drug on college campuses. Aside from alcohol, nearly 65% of student drug abusers smoke or otherwise imbibe in marijuana. Side effects include blood-shot/glassy eyes, dry mouth or cotton mouth, increased appetite (munchies) and loss of coordination.

3. Ecstasy is a man-made pill that emits both psychedelic and stimulant effects. Ecstasy is usually mixed with other drugs like caffeine or amphetamines. The pure form of ecstasy is called Molly, which is popular among college kids! Even pop artists are singing about Molly in their songs. Ecstasy lasts four to six hours. The effects can include teeth clenching, muscle tension, confusion, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and extreme paranoia. One of the greatest risks with “Molly” is dehydration. The body temperature gets too high and people die or get heart and kidney damage. “Molly” also damages your brain so you cannot think and it can cause memory loss.

4. Adderall is a drug that has exploded on college campuses! Its known as the “study drug” which causes students to stay awake and helps them to focus on what they are studying. Federal studies show as many as one in three college students frequently use Adderall, especially when cramming for exams. Adderall abuse can lead to serious health issues like depression, anxiety and psychosis. Studies have also shown that college students who use Adderall with a valid prescription more often engage in binge drinking and experiment with other drugs.

So parents pay attention. As a bonus – look below at some often used “slang” names for various drugs, and if you hear your child talk about “Molly” – chances are its not a person.

“Slang” names for common drugs used by college students

Alcohol – Booze, brews, sauce, hard stuff
Cocaine – Coke, snow, blow, white powder
Dextromethorphan (DXM) – Dex, dexing, red devils, DM, robo, robotripping
Ecstasy – Molly, love drug, C, XTC, E
LSD – Acid, mellow yellow, Lucy in the sky with diamonds
PCP – Angel dust, wack, rocket fuel, embalming fluid, ozone, killer weed
Heroin – Smack, junk, thunder, H, hell dust
Ketamine – Vitamin K, Special K, K, breakfast cereal, kat
Marijuana – Grass, pot, weed, Mary Jane, THC, dope, ganga
Methamphetamines – Meth, crystal meth, speed, ice, chalk, crank, black beauties, uppers
Prescription medications – Trail mix, smurf, vic, xbrs
Ritalin – Kibbles & bits, pineapple
Rohypnol – Date rape drug, roaches, roofies, roche, forget pill, R-2

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