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In Tupelo, Mississippi a teen has lost his life due to a new drug addiction. Not a street or club drug we all know about, but a household item, Ivory Wave bath salt. This new addiction has spread fairly fast in the surrounding communities in Mississippi. As local newspapers report: “Misuse of the bath salt has the same effects as meth, and is actually banned in Scotland following related deaths. Now, Lee County authorities have learned of local usage through domestic disturbances.”

They are calling the bath salts synthetic cocaine. The usage of this product is a fast-growing, highly addictive trend. Young people are saying they can’t get enough of the fake coke, and it’s doing a lot of damage. Teens are reporting that they were using K-2 but have moved on to the fake coke “Charge” now.

“Bath salts” or “Charge” or “Ivory,” the new “Miaow, Miaow”, they’re different names for different types of cocaine substitutes. People say it looks just like cocaine, but what it does to you is even worse.

A relative of an Ivory Wave bath salt addict who wants to remain anonymous describes watching her loved one going through mayhem. “Within thirty minutes after he got home he was what they call ‘geeking out.’ He was walking around the yard with a flashlight and looking under bushes. He got all the paperwork out of his truck. You could say something and he thought you were talking about him.”

Ivory Wave bath salt is a cheap way to get high. Family members are reporting that their loved ones are staying awake for as long as 72 hours in complete pandemonium. This new addiction is landing teens and adults in the emergency rooms.

Lee County Sheriff, Jim Johnson says: “Hallucinations, seeing things that weren’t there. We had one individual in the backseat of our car that was just absolutely paranoid because he felt like cars were trying to run over him while he was in the patrol car.”

Some local stores have pulled the product out of their shelves after finding out about the local disturbances related to the misuse of the salt bath. For now, as it is legal and there is no penalty for selling the product some stores are keeping Ivory Wave bath salts it in stock, sadly cashing in on the addiction of others.

If your teen has gotten involved with this highly addictive substance or any other drug, please seek help before it’s too late. For immediate attention seek your nearest emergency room and when your child is stabilized seek the help of an addiction treatment center specialized in teens. You may contact Inspirations Teen Rehab at anytime at for further assistance.

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