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“I first wanted to drop you a note to THANK YOU one more time! Alex had  absolutely NO issues transferring back to school! His guidance counselor saw the  transcripts and immediately said “This is exactly what I needed”. There was still  room for him on every school period so they placed him back in the same schedule  right away! No delays, no issues, no problems!”

“His grades have improved so much  and this has helped boost his self-confidence about the ability to finish his school  year (and eventually graduating high school)! All this wouldn’t have been possible  without your help (and that of your team)!”

My heart is filled with gratitude and I will always be thankful to you and everyone  at the center, for everything you did for Alex (and us). Much gratitude and respect to you and the team!”

Carla, a parent of  teen at Inspirations.

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Parent Carla B. Inspirational Quote
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