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“Inspirations is definitely the most fun rehab I’ve been to because they really put a lot of emphasis on learning to have fun in recovery.” Grace Kendall, an out-of-state rehab teen, said “Especially at a teenage rehab it’s important because a lot of kids would think I’m going to be so boring without drugs. Life’s not going to be fun without drugs. I think that Inspirations really tries to show us a good time. They really show us how to have fun while being drug-free.”

Grace’s Story

Grace struggled with depression and anxiety most of her life. She once used drugs to deal with looming challenges that she faced. Although maintaining her 4.0 GPA while in college was significant to her, after two of her childhood friends committed suicide, Grace returned to the world of drug abuse.

“I gave up on school, which is something that is really important to me,” Grace said. “I gave up on a job that I really liked and just turned my life back over to the drugs. That triggering event. If I had been equipped to deal with it, I would have dealt with it in a better way.”

Instead, she started using the drugs at a much faster rate. When her parents noticed, they made plans for her to receive treatment at Inspirations.

According to Grace, receiving rehabilitation at Inspirations and using the Dr. Phil Path to Recovery virtual reality program has made her determined to stay sober regardless of what adversities she may encounter. Grace said she received treatment at five different rehab centers, but the Dr. Phil virtual reality program at Inspirations has helped her the most.

“It was just nice that I was receiving therapy from an in-person therapist, and Dr. Phil, an objective person who does not know me,” Grace said. “But it was crazy how it could automatically apply to me, anyway.  Even though I couldn’t respond to Dr. Phil, I really enjoyed it.”

Grace said she will carry what she has learned while in therapy with her for the rest of her life.

“There’s a saying in narcotics anonymous ‘Your worst day sober is always going to be better than your best day using, so even death in the family or death of a friend, any more trauma or anything bad that can happen, definitely [I will] stay clean throughout it,” she said. “And get the support that I can instead of shutting down.”


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