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teen in rehab
Most of  you have seen Christian and his amazing talents in our newly launched ITV Music Playlist on YouTube.  As a part of his treatment as a teen in rehab Christian has been taking part in music therapy, which he uses to express his emotions. While here at Inspirations he has gotten the opportunity to learn how to write songs and even got to perform in front an audience at our Inspire Talent Show.

But playing and creating music is not the only form of therapy we encourage him to participate in. Another healthy form of therapy is writing, we have many writing assignments and tasks our teens can use to express themselves. During his Intensive Outpatient (IOP) lessons Christian was asked to write how he feels he has changed since coming to Inspirations.

“In my opinion I think I have changed tremendously during my stay here at Inspirations. My anxiety, depression, and urge to self medicate has almost been demolished.” wrote Christian.

Christian also took the assignment a step further by writing about what he plans to continue working on and what he wants to do when he leaves Inspirations.

“With that said, I still believe I can work through some things including my anxiety levels. I would really like to get my life up and running again meaning school, gym and working for my dad’s company. ” he shared.

He even went on to share a little more about his anxiety.

“Part of my anxiety comes from excitement because I am eager to move to a different state and start fresh!”

All in all Christian did a great job here at Inspirations and the hard work he has put in has given amazing rewards such as being able to play his own music in front of an audience and rebuilding his relationship with his father at home.
“I am also extremely excited to have such a supportive and loving father back in my life. He is the most amazing role model anyone can have, and I miss him with all my heart.”

To see the performances by Christian watch our ITV Playlist.

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