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“I want to go somewhere in life and drugs only slow you down,” Jon, a teen in rehab, said.

While battling a marijuana and xanax addiction, Jon struggled in his social and academic life. Deeply concerned about their son, Jon’s parents held an intervention with Inspirations For Youth and Families Interventionist Dr. James Hughes during the time the teen normally gets ready for school.

“I was hesitant at first but then I realized it was probably for the best,” he said.

Learn more about why being sober is important to Jon

The teen shared that he was able to meet and connect with fellow recovering addicts from across the country in a welcoming environment. While at Inspirations, Jon also expressed that he learned more about himself and that drugs created his problems but didn’t solve them.

“When I used drugs, it would bring out a lot more bad things,” the teen said. “I learned if I just stay away from that, it’s a lot easier to be a happy person.”

During his time in rehab, Jon said he enjoyed recreational activities like playing football and basketball with other recovering addicts.

The teen attributed his recovery success to the Inspirations staff because they were very friendly and caring.

“If you were having a problem, the techs would sit and talk it out with you,” Jon said. “They were like my friends that I can trust and talk to.”

The Importance of Staying Sober after Rehab

Often times, speaking with other recovering addicts helps teens better understand the importance of remaining sober after rehab. According to Jon, one of the guest speakers that had the greatest impact on him was a recovering addict named Gary from our adult sister facility, Cove Center for Recovery. Jon shared that Gary helped him realize he needed to stop using drugs.

“His story was interesting because he had ended up in jail many times because he couldn’t beat his drug addiction,” the teen said. “When he spoke, I could tell he really cared about us and didn’t want us to end up in jail too.”

After leaving Inspirations, Jon plans on graduating high school and attending trade school to learn more about masonry.

North Carolina Teen Gets Sober and Turns Life Around at Rehab
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