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How Nature Improves Teen Mental Health

Although nature is often overlooked, it is a powerful way of boosting your teen’s mental health. This summer is the perfect time to help your teen boost their mental health by spending more time outdoors among nature. Research shows that being in natural environments reduces depression and anxiety, increases resilience, increases engagement in school, improves self-esteem and improves social activity.

Nature reduces stress

When a teen is outdoors, they release the hormone called cortisone that is linked to stress. As the hormone is released, the teen begins to feel less stressed out.  According to the National Geographic, a study revealed that people who are exposed to more green space deal with “less mental distress.” During the teenage years, youth acquire more responsibilities than ever before that often increase stress. In addition, a teen who is battling addiction deals with even more stressors. It is important that teens who are battling addiction are given various methods of overcoming addiction and coping with stress. At Inspirations, we value taking our teens to parks several times a week and also to beaches weekly.

Nature combats depression and anxiety

Teen depression and anxiety has reached an all-time high. Now more than ever, teens need to find different methods of boosting their mental health. Sometimes teenagers need to get away from their routine of going to school, home, work or doing chores. Instead, they should take a walk in nature.  Studies have proven that nature walks have reduced depression scores by more than 70 percent. In fact, people who live in rural areas have a lower risk of depression due to a “stronger sense of community belonging.” At Inspirations, it is very important that our teens spend time outdoors and embrace nature.  Our teens often take part in recreational therapy activities that truly help them overcome addiction. Whether it is swimming at the beach or visiting nature centers and parks, our teens a greatly impacted by nature therapy.

How Nature Improves Teen Mental Health
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