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     “The night started out great. My best friend Emily was in town and I knew about this amazing party and we both wanted to go. So we got ready at my apartment and then walked over to this party. The house was huge and there were tons of people there. Everyone was drinking and having a great time.
     As soon as we walked in some cute guy handed Emily and me two cups of beer from the keg. He asked us if we wanted to play beer pong, so we started playing. I maybe had like one beer before I started feeling really nauseous and dizzy. I can usually drink a lot without feeling drunk, so this was really strange for me.
     Emily noticed I wasn’t myself and she asked me if I was okay. At this point, I don’t really remember what happened. Emily said I started talking about really weird stuff and I was having hallucinations. Luckily for me, Emily realized something was wrong and she walked us home. Emily said I started vomiting and was in and out of consciousness. At that point, she decided to take me to the hospital. 
     I woke up the next morning and had no idea why I was in the hospital. Emily was there and she told me the entire story. The doctor thought maybe I had been drugged and sure enough, I had been. The doctor told me they found GHB in my system. I don’t know what happened for sure, but I think someone must have drugged me at the party. I was so glad Emily was there to take care of me. It scares me to think of what could have happened if I wasn’t with her.”
Lauren’s Story
     “Liquid G” is the street name for Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate(GHB), which is also known as one of the most commonly abused date rape drugs. GHB is considered a club drug and it is mostly used by teens and young adults at bars and nightclubs.

     GHB is a central nervous system depressant that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2002 for the use in the treatment of Narcolepsy. This drug has found its way into the streets today.
     GHB is ingested orally, in a liquid or powder form. The side effects of GHB include sudden intense drowsiness, decreased body temperature, vomiting, slower respiration, silliness, incoherence, temporary amnesia, diarrhea, semi-consciousness, seizures, decreased heart rate, coma, sleep walking, and potentially death.

      Unfortunately, GHB is easily dissolved in drinks, which is why it’s used as a date rape drug. The best way to avoid ingesting this drug accidentally is to never leave your drink unattended. Also, you should never accept drinks from strangers and you should always watch the bartender make your drink. If you notice one of your friends acting strangely, please do what Emily did and take him or her to the hospital right away.

My Night with Liquid G
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