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Poem from a former teen addict

This touching poem from a client of Inspirations for Youth and Families describes what it is like to have an addiction.This poem explains why this teen was using drugs and also about how they are  grateful to be clean. Told from the perspective of a former teen addict who is grateful for the chance to be someone better and live a sober life without depending on “high” of a substance it gives readers hope that they can overcome anything, even addiction.

My Disease
By: A grateful  former teen addict

In my deep dark obsession
I’m hurt, lost and cold
I smoke all my problems away
With a little clear tool
So empty unlike my mind
This little tool takes
All of my devils away
In a matter of seconds
After inhaling this foreign substance
I’m okay and my clarity of all that’s wrong
Is gone for the moment
My life has no meaning when you’re involved
My head is wrapped around having you and only you
You’ve taken so much from me
And I know you’re no good for me
You’ll always be with me lingering in my thoughts
But I’ll be free
From your grip

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