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Elliot is one of our most memorable teens at Inspirations teen rehab. During his time here staff recalled him to be helpful and always engaging in our sober fun activities. Elliot came to Inspirations as a teen struggling with marijuana abuse. He took his time opening up to our program but once he did he was fully on board.

He quickly made friends and helped other newcomers adjust to being a teen in recovery treatment. After completing treatment Elliot returned home a more confident and informed teen. He was even featured on WBZ Boston news explaining how marijuana is a habit forming drug. Watch the report here. Recently Sherry, Elliot’s mother, wrote to Inspirations expressing her gratitude to our program and his therapist Jason.

Sherry’s letter to Inspirations teen rehab

To Inspirations teen rehab,

Ok, so there are therapists, counselors, life coaches, social workers, other behavioral health specialists and then there is Jason.

My son recently left inspirations as a new young man with a positive outlook on his future and I am so proud of him and the hard work he put in at inspirations. I believe that the connection he had with Jason was the catalyst to his treatment.

The style Jason presents worked miracles with my son; he never gave up and he never let either one of us “skirt the issue” which had become a pattern throughout our relationship. Because of the never ending, thought provoking systems Jason puts into place my son was able to talk about and confront many of the underlying reasons he was going down the wrong path. I would not have labeled my son as an “addict” per say BUT he most definitely was misusing and abusing substances.

“Jason is a gift to my son and Inspirations; both of which have changed our lives.”

Most sincerely,

Sherry Italiano

“It took over 60 hours of research to find the best program for us and fortunately we chose Inspirations.”

Mother spends over 60 hours researching teen rehab to find Inspirations
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