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Sue mother of teen in out of state drug rehab

Sue, Scotty’s mother

Sue is the mother to our most recent Inspirations drug rehab testimonial teen Scotty Roberston. Scotty came to Inspirations in seek of treatment to defeat his addiction and start living a more healthy and sober life. The choice to send her teen to an out-of-state drug rehab was a difficult but necessary choice. Since Scotty’s successful rehabilitation she now vouches for sending your teen away from a toxic environment to seek help.

“When searching for a drug rehab for your teen it is a difficult task to say the least. But I highly recommend that a parent choose one that is away from his or her surrounding like I did with my son Scotty, who went to Inspirations for Youth and Families.”

-Sue, Scotty’s mother

“He had a phenomenal relationship with Jason, his primary therapist, who stuck his neck out for him on one occasion. This meant a lot to Scotty and I believe was a leading factor in his recovery. He is doing great, looks fantastic, and is extremely motivated after going to Inspirations for Youth and Families. I have told our courthouse to consider Inspirations for other teens in his shoes. We live in an area infested with drugs. I also told his school counselor to do the same. If you are searching for a drug rehab for your teen then your first call should be to Inspirations for Youth and Families.”

-Sue R.

Inspirations for Youth and Families would like to thank Sue for her complimentary words and also for spreading the news of our good work. This is what Scotty’s guidance counselor had to say about his overall change and success in sobriety!

“Oh my goodness. I have tears reading this! I am so happy Scotty found this place and is doing so well. I had always worried I would be reading a much different story about him and I am beyond proud of what he has done to turn himself around and actively get the help he needed. Though it will be an ongoing battle he is certainly moving in the right direction!”

– Claudia, Scotty’s Guidance Counselor at Lancaster High School in New York.

“Thank you so much for sharing this… I will pass it along to the many people here who loved Scotty and so wanted to see him heal. Please give my best to him as I always said he had the smarts and good looks to go far in life and I am so so happy he is on that road now!”

– Claudia

Check out Scotty’s testimonial and his full story here.

Mother of Inspirations teen vouches for out-of-state drug rehab
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