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Teen drug and alcohol statistics:

More than 75 percent of teens are claiming they had not consumed alcohol in the past 30 days.

Your teen’s alcohol addiction might start with a beer taken from the refrigerator when no one is home. It might begin with liquor at an unsupervised party. It could come from peer pressure from friends. It doesn’t matter how the alcohol addiction began – what matters is getting help for your teen. Many teens who abuse alcohol are often unaware of the damages drinking prematurely has on their health. Our alcohol addiction treatment will not only make your teen healthy, but also strives to properly educate teens on the dangers of alcohol or drug abuse. Help make teens aware of the effects their choices such as drinking alcohol have on their future by sharing our content.

Start spreading awareness with our graphic that teens are sober stats!

Teens are sober
Statistics via The Florida Department of Children and Families 2014 survey

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