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Looking for a teen drug rehab can be very difficult for a parent. This was the case for one particular teen mom who said she spent one month looking for a teen addiction treatment center that could also help her teen with a co-occurring disorder which is commonly referred to as a dual diagnosis program. Dual diagnosis treatment is needed when someone is suffering from both a mental health disorder and alcohol or drug addiction.

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The teen’s mom found that Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF)  was considered to be the premier teen rehab in the nation after conducting extensive research. She was also impressed with how nice the people were to her when she was talking to them on the telephone. For any parent, calling a teen treatment center about their teen’s drug or alcohol addiction and mood disorder can be a daunting task.

The IYF treatment consultant professionals understand this and some have their own personal experience with addiction recovery. When going through the consultation with the parent, the treatment professional displays the utmost patience by thoroughly answering each question that is posed to them.

But there was one final requirement she had when choosing an addiction teen treatment.

She knew that it would be impossible for her to convince her daughter to go to IYF or any other teen rehab for that matter. So in these cases, parents often look for a teen drug and alcohol rehab that employs a professional interventionist. Well she was unaware that IYF works with one of the best in the profession – none other than Joe Brat – teen intervention extraodinaire. Brat, who has over 2,000 successful teen interventions under his belt, was dispatched to pick up her teen.

It is hard to find a teen rehab that covers the gamut in teen treatment from therapy to interventions like IYF.

“Inspirations is the best because I looked almost one month for rehabs and I found Inspirations to be the best and I liked the way the people talked to me”

IYF appreciates hearing from our teens parents and welcomes anyone to contact us at We would love to find out how our teen’s are doing and how you felt about the IYF recovery experience.


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