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inspirations mothers and their addiction recovery stories

A few of our featured Inspirational mothers.

For Mother’s Day Inspirations for Youth and Families is taking a moment to thank and celebrate the following moms who played an instrumental part in their teen’s recovery. Sending your teen away to rehab is a hard choice but these mothers took a huge leap to get their teens help. These are the unsung heroes who literally helped save their teen’s lives.

Mom’s Behind their Teens Addiction Recovery:

Rose Ann

Rose Ann, Inspirational Mom.


Even years after completing his teen addiction treatment Phillip’ s mother, RoseAnn, reached out to tell us thanks!

“This facility has the friendliest staff that helped me along through my son’s journey. They are all positive and loving knowing that I was going through a tough time in accepting my son’s addiction.”

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Sue, Inspirational Mom.


Sending your teen away for treatment is never an easy decision. As the mother of an Inspiration alumni Sue had to make a difficult choice on sending her teenage son to an out-of-state drug rehab, which fortunately ended up being a hard but necessary choice.

“When searching for a drug rehab for your teen it is a difficult task, to say the least. But I highly recommend that a parent chooses one that is away from his or her surroundings like I did with my son.”

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Carla, Inspirational Mom.


As the mom of a teen who’s drug addiction went as far as disrupting his future Carla shares her thoughts on the recovery of her teen.

“His grades have improved so much and this has helped boost his self-confidence to finish his school year. My heart is filled with gratitude and I will always be thankful to Inspirations.”


Ann, Inspirational Mom.

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Ann is a mother who has shown unconditional support when it comes to her daughter’s recovery. She has stayed in touch with Inspirations whenever she needed advice and helped us in return by consoling other parents with teens suffering from drug or alcohol abuse.

“First off a parent has to remember to love their child unconditionally. They need to realize it’s the drug that is the problem. Remember the battle is against the drug, not your child. It can be tough but you can NEVER EVER give up.”

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If you have a compelling story of your teen’s addiction recovery please let us know.

Meet the Moms behind their Teens Addiction Recovery
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