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Meet out Inspirations family

The Inspirations Family

Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) is a well known youth drug, mental, or behavioral rehab that is recognized for its unique approach to treatment. Inspirations believes in an individualistic treatment program and that each patient’s treatment plan should be custom to their needs.

Our program offers a wide range of therapies in the form of art, music and recreational activities. These forms of therapies are guaranteed to provide a healthy outlet for your teen and opens up options for even a new hobby. IYF also endorses sober fun outings with our teens. These outing are designed to show teens that they can have fun even while they are sober.

Instilling this individualistic treatment is our dedicated staff of clinical technicians, licensed nurses and therapists. Our closely knit Inspirations family comes together to provide a high level of support and care for each teen in our program. Meet some of our Inspirations family!

Meet our Inspirations Family
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