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In 2007, more than 10,000 children were diagnosed with cancer. A little over 1500 children died from the disease. Unfortunately, cancer can affect anyone and it does affect many teens and children every year. This has created a medical conundrum for doctors. Some doctors can treat illnesses in children the same way they would treat an illness in an adult, but sometimes they can’t. Sometimes, the medications used to treat adults are too strong for the child. The medicine could actually hurt the developing child’s brain and body.

Many doctors and fed-up parents have started using a different treatment method to help their children. One of these treatment methods is medical marijuana. Some groups are concerned about the ramifications of legalizing medical marijuana. They’re worried about children being exposed to a harmful drug that’s still illegal under federal law. Some people feel that marijuana is not actually a medical treatment. However, medical marijuana seems to be working out for these sick children.

The article, Meet the Children Who Rely on Marijuana to Survive, introduces the reader to kids who rely on a specific strain of cannabis to treat seizures, autism, and developmental disorders. The specific strain of cannabis is called Charlotte’s Web. It’s very high in cannabidiol or CBD and it’s low in THC – the part of the plant that gets the user high. It was named for Charlotte Figi, a little girl who suffered from over 40 seizures per day before she started taking cannabis.

The medicine is administered in a liquid or capsule form. This form of medical marijuana has very low THC meaning that the children don’t feel high from taking the medicine. Plus, it’s non-toxic and no one has ever overdosed on marijuana. This treatment seems to be working for children who were previously on over 17 different kinds of medication. The issue is that medical marijuana is only available in 20 states and Washington D.C.

As more states legalize medical marijuana, more and more research can be done on this plant. Right now, it’s very difficult for scientists to obtain marijuana to study. Marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that the government believes it has a high potential for abuse and no medical benefit. This puts marijuana on par with drugs like heroin and LSD.

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