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MADD teen drunk driving logoInspirations for Youth and Families teen alcohol rehab invited Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to its treatment center to speak to the teens. MADD presented a series of teen drunk driving accident videos to the Inspiration’s teens. And MADD also touched on the dangers of underage drinking in their presentation. Like how alcohol interferes with healthy teen brain development. In addition, MADD made a pitch to the teens on why it is important to wait until 21 to drink alcohol.

Watch the MADD Teen Drunk Driving Video below

MADD Drunk Driving Video stuns Inspirations’ Teens

One particular MADD video chronicles three underage girls binge drinking at a party and then getting behind the wheel of a car. At one point the driver reached a speed of 94 miles per hour. Shortly thereafter, the car barrels into a brick embankment. As a result of the horrifying crash two of the three teens are killed in the accident.

The only surviving teen, Desalee was actually videotaping their drunk driving experience before the fatal car crash. And the horrific accident’s impact was so violent it flung parts of the car into tree branches and utility wires. As a result of the crash, Desalee, the lone survivor suffered a broken hip. Although her physical wounds have healed it is highly likely that she will be suffering from acute trauma for the rest of her life. Teen drunk driving deadly car crash

After the accident, the surviving teen made an impassioned plea for the local news station WUSA 9 TV News Now to air the disturbing video to serve as a cautionary tale for other teens so they don’t make the same mistake that she and her friends made. Finally, the Baltimore news station agreed to report on the accident

“You never think something like this is going to happen to you. It is one in a million,” said Desiree. “And boom it hits you. And there you are that one in a million.”

Teen Drunk Drinking related fatalities

Then after the video, MADD provided Inspirations’ teens with some sobering facts about underage drinking related deaths. MADD revealed to Inspirations that more than 5,000 teens die each year to teen alcohol consumption. And this glaring statistic beats all drugs combined.
Under age teen drunk driving related deaths

Now if you take a look at all the underage drinking deaths you will see that 32 percent of them are highway traffic related, whereas almost 70 percent have nothing to do with the highway at all.

Then homicides represent the next highest number of drinking related deaths coming in at 30 percent. As far as the reasoning behind the stats you can look at a number of factors. First teen’s brains are not fully developed. Also teens partake in binge drinking and as a result their mind is impaired, Hence they make very poor decisions like getting into a fight.

All in all, Inspiration’s teens were very attentive throughout the presentation and asked a lot of excellent questions. After MADD was finished, Dalton, one of the teens said: “You should think before reacting Like getting in a car with a drunk that is basically committing suicide,” said Dalton. “You have to think before you react. And drinking at a young age that is really going to mess your brain up.”

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