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Don’t let drug addiction ruin your teen’s life. Every child deserves a chance to live a normal life. Thousands of children die every from drug abuse and drug overdose.

Your child does not have to be one of them, don’t wait until it’s too late.

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Get help now! Our Teen Drug Program is designed to get children clean from drug addiction and help keep them clean as they move forward living a normal life. Drug addiction does not have to last a lifetime.


Following admission into our teen drug program, your child will be one step closer to recovery. We offer both short and long-term residential stays for the teen drug program. Our short term treatment center is 30 days while our long term treatment program can last up to 90 days. The long term program also includes schooling available on site, so you won’t need to worry about your teen falling further behind in school. Our teen drug program consists of six levels of treatment. All teens start on the first level of treatment and work their way to the top.

Each level of treatment offers its own set of great privileges like:

-Educational field trips 
-Team sports
-Beach days
-Weekly phone calls
-Outside meals and passes

But first, all privileges MUST be earned. Teens are able to earn the privileges by completing daily chores, being on their best behavior, and participating in therapy sessions.


At Inspirations for Youth and Families, we specialize in teens because we understand teens see the world differently than adults. They might not be able to express their feelings and they are relying on you as the parent to see the warning signs. Your teen needs your help, and they need it now. That is why we offer a teen drug program to treat drug addiction and substance abuse. The most important goal of our teen drug program program is to provide a safe atmosphere where your teen will learn how to overcome addiction. After their stay in our teen drug program, we want your child to easily transition into regular life, but with the proper skills to stay sober and clean.

Our excellent, well-trained team of psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction counselors, nurses and therapists will do their best to make sure your child’s time in the our teen drug program facility is worthwhile. Here at Inspirations we work to provide teens with a structured atmosphere to teach responsibility and to hold them accountable for their actions. We are confident your child will leave our teen drug program with the necessary skills to lead a fulfilling, drug-free life!

You are just one phone call away from helping your child get back to normal. Call us now at (888) 669-9514 or

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