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A glass or two of booze is good for your heart, according to long-standing medical advice that drinkers are often fond of citing.

Reducing even light consumption of alcohol will not only improve your chances against coronary heart disease, but also help you lose weight and reduce high blood pressure according to a British Medical Journal study .

Writing in the British Medical Journal, researchers carried out an overview of 50 published studies on the drinking habits and health of more than 260,000 people of European descent. They focused on those with a key variant of a gene called ADH1B.

Previous research has found that a single change in the DNA code in this gene makes people less sensitive to drink and less at risk from alcoholism.

The new study discovered that individuals with the variant drank 17-percent fewer units of alcohol per week and were 78-percent less likely to binge-drink that those without it. They also had a 10-percent lower risk of coronary heart disease and enjoyed lower systolic blood pressure and body mass index (BMI).

“This suggests that reduction of alcohol consumption, even for light to moderate drinkers, is beneficial for cardiovascular health”, the study contended.

Light alcohol drinking less healthy than originally thought
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