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Inspirations teen rehab’s monthly theme is kindness

It’s another month here at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF). We have incorporated the theme of kindness into our program. For December’s theme our teens and staff must practice kindness among themselves.

The act of kindness sparks deeper and more meaningful relationships, so we encourage everyone to exhibit some act or type of kindness among each other. This month’s theme is to bring the IYF family together whether you are an employee or client. One of our many talented therapists Nina has integrated the theme very nicely into her group sessions.

Nina included kindness into her group therapy sessions in a very creative way! At the end of every one of Nina’s session instead of the usual closings the teen clients and her go around and say one kind thing about a person of choice in the group. Expressing kindness and being thankful for each other will strengthen the bonds here between clients.

“At the end of our sessions after we’ve talked about all they needed to talk about it’s nice to hear someone appreciate or look favorably upon you and it’s nice to even be the person saying these awesome things about others!” Nina says.

“The teens really get a positive and upbeat vibe going after our sessions that I’m hoping will last throughout the day especially since it’s around the holiday season.”

Simple acts of kindness are traits and habits, clinical director at Inspirations teen rehab, Cindy Sterne hopes to instill in our teens. She believes along with our fabulous treatment programs that the kinship and love they feel during their stay at Inspirations will be a source of strength and encouragement to continue living sober even after they’ve left Inspirations.

The month of December has just begun so stayed tuned to see what other creative acts of kindness we have incorporated into our program this month! Take a look at our gratitude theme for November here.

Kindness is this month’s theme at Inspirations teen rehab
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