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Education Director Denise Achee: Hi! Please come in. Thank you for wanting to share your testimonial with us. Tell me, how has your experience been here at Inspirations?

Keon C: Well, actually my experience here has been wonderful. The place where I’m at in my life now is a whole lot better than what it was before I came here and I just…I really enjoyed it. When I first got here I didn’t really think I was going to, but a few of the people here, they kind of changed my mind about it. Then I finally realized for myself that it was a wonderful place to be at and a good place to go through recovery.

DA: Tell me, what brought you here to Inspirations? How did you end up here?

KC: Well there are a couple things that brought me here, mainly myself, you know. My mom, she filed an unruly[child charge] on me when I was about the age of 14. At that time I was smoking marijuana and that was kind of the cause for her filing the unruly [child charge] on me, but not necessarily all that. Anyway, I was put on probation for six months, that’s it, just six months at the age of 14. When my first drug test popped up it was clean, you know, I didn’t do anything like smoke or anything like that, but a couple drug tests down the line I decided to just go ahead and smoke and I ended up failing it and I was in an out of jail pretty much all of probation that I’ve been on and they added on another two years, so I’m going to be on probation for a pretty good bit but they didn’t really know what to do. They had sent me to other treatment and other little programs and stuff like that but they weren’t seeming to work so they went ahead and sent me here.

DA: So this is your first residential program?

KC: Yes.

DA: You went to other out-patient treatment and that didn’t work?

KC: Yes, it didn’t work.

DA: Then you chose, well they chose for you – residential?

KC: Yes. That is exactly what happened. It was one of the best choices they made so far.

DA: Good. Well I’m glad that it was really successful for you. Tell me what happened to your school during all of this back and forth from jail and probation?

KC: During all that, really my schooling was good at first, before I started smoking marijuana and stuff like that. It’s kind of been going downhill since I started smoking and my grades, they’re not looking as good as they used to and I missed a lot of school, of course, going in and out of jail and in and out of these little treatment programs and all that type of stuff. When I got here, they gave me a chance to make up all that. I want to give a special shout out to Ms. Rosemary because she is one of the best tutors I’ve ever had. She’s actually the only tutor I’ve ever had but she’s the best one.

DA: What subjects did she tutor you in?

KC: That’s for math.

DA: In math. Isn’t she an awesome teacher?

KC: Yeah. She’s an awesome teacher. Math is one of my worst subjects that I have problems with.

DA: And normally it is because of the teacher. Also, not showing up.

KC: Yeah, that too.

DA: That helps a lot towards understanding math right? It starts looking like Chinese on the board.

KC: Chinese on the board, you got that right.

DA: Now you understand it.

KC: I completely understand it now.

DA: Awesome! So you’ve got a good hold of math now. What are you going to do when you go back? Are you on online classes now or are you going back to school?

KC: Well actually I’m on online schooling right now. I’ve been doing it going on maybe three months, something like that? I’ve been doing online schooling you know because like if I go to school I might get some drugs or something like that. I don’t want to do that anymore.

DA: You may find triggers at school?

KC: Yeah.

DA: It could trigger you. How do you like working online? How is online for you, in comparison to being in a classroom?

KC: It’s a lot easier to work online; it’s just a lot more work. That’s the only thing.

DA: Because you can’t skip and you can’t like not do homework?

KC: Yes, yes. You gotta do it.

DA: Alright. That’s the way you learn it right?

KC: Yep.

DA: In the end, going through the steps, correct?

KC: Yeah. When I get out of here, I plan on finishing up school and getting my diploma, all that good stuff, going to college, making sure I can make a living out of whatever I go to college for, and make sure that I have fun doing it. Hopefully I’ll be an actor or something, you know, something big like that. There are a couple people here, mainly Denise, she really thinks that I can be an actor and I want to go ahead and try it out, just for her.

DA: [laughs] Well you’ve been extremely entertaining for our whole group, obviously [laughs]. You do have quite a bit of talent and it was a pleasure having you here. You really made our dynamic here wonderful.

KC: Thank you.

DA: It was a joy to have you here and we’re going to miss you. We really will.

KC: Okay, I’m going to miss you guys.

DA: You promise that you’ll keep in touch.

KC: Yes, I’ll keep in touch.

DA: Keep us updated and if you get week you’re going to give us a call. We’ll give you a pep talk. Okay, perfect. Well thank you so much for sharing your experience here and we wish you much luck in the future.

KC: Alright thank you.

DA: Thank you.

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