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In this interview, Karen Corcoran-Walsh talks to Jimmy, a teen in recovery who has recently won the Take 5 to Stay Alive PSA competition, regarding not texting and driving. The challenge of this competition presented by Broward County Schools was for kids to create a PSA encouraging others not to text and drive.

Karen is the co-founder of Inspirations for Youth and Families, the youth drug and alcohol rehab center that Jimmy was a client in. Inspirations teaches real life on job the training in the program to stimulate an interest for the teens, who are inspired to create and pursue vocational careers. The teens were introduced to film this time around and had decided they wanted to participate in the yearly competition held by Broward County Schools.

When asked by Karen Corcoran-Walsh what other great memories Jimmy has experienced from the Inspirations program, he responded by saying “His favorite memories would be when they went bowling.”

It is surprising but inspirational that such a simple activity opened his eyes to a new way of life to live for something greater than just having fun. Jimmy also states that he looks forward to similar moments with his family and friends.

“I learned that with the right people fun is always possible because within the program they (the teens at Inspirations) never get to choose where they are going but it always ends up being a good time!”

The interview focuses on what Jimmy’s goal will be at the end of recovery and what aspect of his treatment he will use for the rest of his life. Jimmy informs Karen that at the end of the interview his goal is to spend more quality time with others. He addressed that in his time of addiction he became a very selfish person who only thought for himself, but now sees the importance of putting others first and looks forward to connecting with others.

Karen closes the interview by informing Jimmy how proud she is of his progress and that she can see the change in him both physically and mentally. She also went on to thank him for sharing his experiences with everyone and wishes him well in his journey to sobriety.

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