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Why is Dr. Phil pointing at an Empty Chair?

Dr. Phil point to empty chair

Dr. Phil pointing to an empty chair which symbolizes the theme of the show

Karen Corcoran Walsh Dr. Phil Guest on Cliffhanging Episode

Karen Corcoran Walsh took part on an unprecedented Dr. Phil episode on March 14th, 2017. While it wasn’t Corcoran Walsh first time on the number one rated afternoon television talk show, it was definitely an episode for the ages.

So what made this Dr. Phil Show so unique? 

The show was much like any other of Dr. Phil’s trademark addiction intervention programs – with one exception. There was an empty chair on the stage. And it was supposed to be occupied by Kristen, the subject of the intervention. However, the 32-year-old female with a severe alcohol addiction ran away at 6:45 a.m. from her hotel on the day of the show.

But being the Emmy Award winning daytime talk show host that Dr. Phil is, he was unruffled. Dr. Phil decided that the show must go on. The other guests Terese, Kristen’s mother and her other daughter were interviewed about Kristen’s shocking alcohol abuse disorder.

Watch Karen Corcoran Walsh provide Dual Diagnosis Treatment advice

It has been five years since Corcoran Walsh last appeared on the CBS afternoon talk show as an addiction expert. Dr. Phil likes to solicit her advice when airing shows about drug or alcohol abuse.

The episode: “Drinking Since 18, 3 DUIs by 21, Passed Out By The Side of the Road: “My Daughter Needs Rehab!” Corcoran-Walsh recommended the person on the show suffering from a severe alcohol abuse disorder receive dual diagnosis treatment.

About the Show

Dr. Phil with Mom

Terese desperately wanted to be invited on the Dr. Phil show. She knew Dr. Phil is known for saving lives through his interventions. And Terese wanted him to hold one for her daughter in a last ditch effort to save her life.Karen Corcoran Walsh with Dr. Phil

Terese says her daughter Kristen is an alcoholic who drinks straight vodka hidden in water bottles and stays drunk for six to seven weeks straight.

And the mom adds that her daughter has received five DUIs and has been found by police passed out on the side of the road.

Dr. Phil receives thousands of Intervention requests

It is not surprising due to the popularity of the Dr. Phil Show and his mastery of helping people in recovery, that his show receives countless intervention requests from people all over the world.

So when Dr. Phil decides on a particular case from his mountain of enquiries, he is 100 percent dedicated to helping the individual with a substance abuse disorder receive the addiction and mental behavioral treatment they so desperately need.

Dr Phil with notebook

Dr. Phil with a large binder about the intervention case spent an exhaustive amount of time studying Kristen’s story

Once I am in I am all in

And one of Dr. Phil’s famed expressions is “Once I am in, I am all in.” Meaning once he decides to help a person and family through recovery there is no holding him back. He commits entirely to the enormous task at hand.

Inspirations for Youth and Families is the nation’s leading family addiction treatment and dual diagnosis center

Dr. Phil

Here is the Dr. Phil Transcript from the show

Dr. Phil: I want to introduce you guys to someone here that I have flown in for this expressed purpose. I started working with these folks five-years-ago. This is Karen Walsh. She is the owner of Inspirations for Youth and Families. It is the nation’s leading family addiction treatment and dual diagnosis center and she also owns the Cove Center for Recovery And the Cove specializes in the systemic impact of addiction and trauma and other psychological disorders.

Dr. Phil with Cove logo in background

       Dr. Phil speaking about how the Cove Center for Recovery specializes in the systematic impact of addiction and trauma  

And that is so important because she (Kristen) didn’t start doing this in a vacuum.There was a lot of psychological noise going on with her at the same time. And Karen you have been studying this case right?

Karen Corcoran Walsh: Yes I have.

Dr. Phil: And she (Kristen) is right up your alley in terms of dual diagnosis correct.

Dr. James Hughes Inspirations for Youth and Families on Dr. Phil

Dr. James Hughes (above) CEO of the Cove and Inspirations

KCW: I think the dual diagnosis is going to be a very impactful diagnosis and treatment plan looking at the mental health and the addiction and bridging the two.

I think the dual diagnosis is going to be a very impactful diagnosis and treatment plan looking at the mental health and the addiction and bridging the two

Karen Corcoran Walsh, owner of Inspirations for Youth and Families and the Cove Center

Dr. Phil: Dr. Jim Hughes is to Karen’s right and Jim you have been down this road so many times and dealing with these things simultaneously instead of doing one and not the other is critical to the long term recovery. Right.

Dr. Hughes: Very much so and even in the word she texted this morning, the word she mentioned was anxiety so that tells me that some parts of  her mental health have triggered to such an extent that she showed avoidance to us in this room today. And therefore tried to self-medicate. And in this case with alcohol.

Dr. Phil: This is a team approach and you guys (Kristen’s mom and sister) will be very involved in this as well. This is something that with everyone leaning into this at the right time. It’s got to make you both sick and angry right now that this chair is empty. Is she going to run out of options and is she going to reach back for a soft touch with you. If she does, I will meet you right back here on the Dr. Phil stage.

Dr. Phil Status Update

At this time, Kristen still has not appeared on the Dr. Phil Show for a live intervention. But all sides including her mom and sister, Dr. Phil and Karen Corcoran Walsh have still not given up hope. And the Cove Center is steadfast in its willingness to provide Kristen the much needed dual diagnosis treatment for her substance abuse disorder.


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