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Karen Corcoran-Walsh Addiction Expert introduces key-note speaker at Moments of Change 2016

Karen Corcoran Walsh

The Business of the Recovery Business

Karen Corcoran-Walsh, addiction expert, opened  2016 Moments of Change, the premiere dual-diagnosis addiction treatment conference at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach Florida, September 26, 2016. Corcoran Walsh is the owner and founder of Inspirations for Youth and Families teen addiction treatment center as well as the Cove Center for Recovery, a behavioral health treatment center for men and women. Corcoran-Walsh spoke about the business aspect of the treatment profession which she calls the “business of the business.” She then proceeded to introduce Nicholas Webb, renowned author and speaker. Webb was the keynote speaker for Moments of Change.

Here are the excerpts from Corcoran-Walsh speech

We don’t like to talk about the business of the business often because we are mostly rooted in serving others and healing others and recognizing the disease of addiction and their troubles and triumphs within the families and the companies that are working in addiction treatment and mental health.

The Business of the Business

But the business of the business is an important topic. Because that is how we keep our doors open and continue to provide services. As well as pay our employees.

The importance of Medical Billing

The business of medical billing is complicated. And what we need to do is look at how we are going to treat the medical billing and reimbursement portion of our business in the same way that we look at our clinical services. Meaning that both medical billing and the clinical side of the business need to interface, they need to be relevant, and they need to be connected.

We need to make sure the services we are providing our documented. And that the documentation meets medical necessity. And that documentation and medical necessity translates into information in a format that the insurance payer sources are going to receive and then reimburse you, treatment providers, administrators, and owners for their services.

We need to look at how we are going to treat the medical billing and reimbursement portion of our business in the same way that we run our clinical services

Karen Corcoran-Walsh, Addiction Expert

There are far too many treatment centers who are struggling right now because the information of their services, the information that needs to get to the medical billing or insurance medical providers is simply not getting there.The healthcare industry today, we need to be concerned with how we are delivering, and how we are sharing our information in today’s society, with today’s standards. And with the cutting edge technology that is in front of us.

Karen Corcoran-Walsh introduces renowned author and public speaker Nicholas Webb

Nicholas Webb is our keynote speaker. He is a visionary and I had a few minutes to speak with him last night. Dining with him I am quite impressed. Not only does he have a vocabulary that far exceeds mine, but his insight and his desire to create experiences for us as the end users, for us as patients, and for us in the business of addiction treatment is remarkable.

Healthcare is changing and we need to pay attention to how it is changing. And Nicholas is here to help us do that. His ideas are phenomenal. His work is impressive. And you will be very pleased to hear his story.

About Nicholas Webb

nicholaswebb5Nicholas Webb is an enterprise strategist, a futurist, and a prolific author. His books include Digital Innovation Playbook, The Innovation Playbook, Invent Stuff, Wave Three, Breakers, and his newest book that is available in book stores worldwide this fall: What Customers Crave.

Nicholas Webb is also a successful inventor with 45 patents to his name. His technologies include one of the first wearable technologies and one of the world’s smallest implants.

His other innovations range from industrial technologies to consumer products. As a senior partner at Lassen Scientific, Nichols provides corporate strategy consultation for some of the top brands in the world.


Karen Corcoran-Walsh Addiction Expert opens Moments of Change
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