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Protecting kids from illegal substances is a priority on every parent’s list. There is at least relief that illegal drugs are harder for kids to obtain thus decreasing the chances of drug use. But is this really the case? One family learned the hard way that perhaps illegal substances aren’t the only enemy.

Thirteen year old Garrett Gordon of Bellevue, Michigan put himself in a dire situation after using an illegal drug commonly known as K2. This drug is said to have the same effects of marijuana and had been illegal for some time until former Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, signed a bill which inadvertently legalized this dangerous drug.

Many kids are easily getting their hands on the K2 drug and the consequences are threatening their lives. Gordon claims the drug made him so sick that he rushed home with symptoms that made his mother believe he had the flu. It was only when Garrett, scared that he would die, admitted that he had been smoking K2 that his mother rushed him to the emergency room.

The danger of K2 is why House Bill 6038 outlawed it last September. Rick Jones introduced the bill when he was still a State Representative. “Unfortunately last year Governor Granholm signed a bill that inadvertently made K2 legal,” said Senator Rick Jones. He also stated that K2 would soon be a felony to sell.

Jones is also working with Community Health to make sure K2 copy cats can be outlawed. Parents are doing what they can to protect their kids from illegal drugs but perhaps it’s time they are made aware of harmful, legal substances already on the market.

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