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As we all know art is a very important form of expression and a vital form of therapy for our teens in recovery. Our teens created some awesome art work that reflects their inner thoughts, passions and emotions. This time around we decided to have some of our teens paint with water colors.

Water Color Painting

The theme of this water color exercise was free expression. Our teens in recovery created pieces that were unique to them and reflected their personal style. Some of our clients used a variety of techniques but ultimately they all came out beautiful.

Watch the awesome art be created here:

Why use Art Therapy

Inspirations for Youth and Families uses art therapy to help our clients express themselves. For some verbalizing their thoughts and worries is challenging to say the least but, with therapeutic activities such as painting many of our teens get the chance to properly express what they couldn’t before.

Our therapists then analyze the artwork for their meaning in relation to the client. Vocalizing their perceptions and looking at art work helps them to develop their communication skills as well. Art therapy includes painting, sculpting, drawing, creating collages and much more.

Benefits to art therapy

  • Develops communication skills
  • Creates empowerment and personal fulfillment
  • Allows self discovery
  • Relives stress
IYF teens in recovery create awesome watercolor painting
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