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With Thanksgiving around the corner the Inspirations for Youth and Families staff has been working hard at incorporating this month’s theme into the teen’s everyday sessions. November is a month notable for being thankful for all that life has given us. With that said for this month our theme was “Gratitude”.

Candy Scarecrow:

One of our therapists decided to tackle this month’s theme into one the girl’s group session. The session began with our therapist explaining a simple arts and crafts assignment that the girls would be working on. Our girls also encourage you to try this exercise/craft with your children at home as it allows your teens to have fun and open up more easily.


Box of raisins
Tootsie rolls
Life savers or other candy
Glue gun


  1. Assemble the items into the shape if a miniature person
    Eg. Raisins for the body, smarties for legs, tootsie rolls for arms, lifesavers for heads
  2. Once you’ve figured out what you want as each part use your glue gun to glue the parts together
  3. Cut string to desired length and glue into a (n) shape over raising – this will serve as a loop used to hang the candy scarecrow

What IYF teens are grateful for

While creating these awesome treats our teens took turns sharing the things in their lives they were grateful for. The list includes family, friends, therapists, Inspirations treatment center to even food! The girls had a great time going over things they were grateful for in their lives that may be taken for granted.

Our girls made a great number of candy scarecrows to pass and share around to our office and staff, some even had very unique designs. If a teen is unwilling to share our therapist suggests listing something that they are grateful for. Each candy body part they added represented something in their life that they are grateful for.

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