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Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen drug rehab offers its clients Nutritional and Life Skills as a course in its Educational Program. During this course teens are taught how to prepare and cook healthy meals for themselves. We’ve taught our IYF teens an array of recipes such as bean soup, juicing, and even smoothies!

This time around we decided to take a sweeter approach. With Thanksgiving on the horizons we thought it would be a great idea to teach our teens how to create a snack that they can make easily at home. Our teens were taught how to make Baked Apples and why it is a healthier alternative to other candies and sweets. Our teens created these tasty treats for themselves and some of the IYF teen rehab staff.

Why Baked Apples are a healthy choice

Apples are a great source of nutrients and vitamins necessary for a healthier life, even when baked apples still keep their nutritional value. Compared to other desserts or snacks that come high in sugar and other unhealthy ingredients baked apples have a great taste and are very healthy.

Here are our teens:

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Serves 4, can easily be multiplied for more people 

4 medium sized apples
¼ cup of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of butter
½ teaspoon of cinnamon

Optional Extras:
Raisins (other dried fruit), Nutella, Peanut Butter or Chopped Nuts
Also can be served with a scoop of ice cream and/or whipped cream


Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Remove apple core (can be done with a apple corer or knife)
Mix other ingredients together (brown sugar, cinnamon, and other optional extras)
Put apples into a dish and pat with butter. Pour water into bottom of dish and cover with aluminum
Bake for 20 mins then remove foil and let it continue to bake for another 10 mins

You can test the apples by poking a paring knife through the oatmeal mixture and into the interior of the apple; it should slide into the apple easily with no resistance. The skin on the apples will also become wrinkled and soft by the end of cooking.

Serve with a scoop of ice cream, crème fraîche, or whipped cream.

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