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keylee recovery journey
Throughout the years Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) has helped and reached out to many teens seeking treatment for substance addiction or mental behavioral issues. One of our alumni teens Keylee had this to say about her recovery journey at Inspirations:

“I am so thankful for this gift from two of the most inspirational women I have ever met. I couldn’t have asked for better techs at Inspirations. Every time you would talk to me and answer my questions I could literally feel Gods presence no matter where we were in the van, outside, or in our little fish tank.”

“I always looked forward to hearing you speak, I believe you all have a lot to do with our success! I miss the three of you like crazy and think about you often. (Kaylee references her techs during her stay at IYF)”

“Thank you for caring about my heart and my life. I have strayed a lot since that day but this bible has helped me through and I wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for you. I am preparing to embark on a life changing journey very soon and this will be right by my side to guide me.”

” I know your jobs are not easy! I hope one day I can be an inspiration to a young me, share my story, and change a life the way you all do. I just want you to know how much both of you mean to me and how you impacted my life. I love you both!”

Where is Keylee now?

“Inspirations teen rehab changed my life. My therapists helped me find myself again and learned how to cope with life. I also learned that respect is earned, not given.”

The girls I met at Inspirations taught me the meaning of true friendship. They are my true best friends – even though we’re miles apart. I’m sad to say that I did relapse when I went home, but I recovered. I’m still going to meetings and staying clean. I start college on August 26. I finally see that there is life after drugs.

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