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IYF teen girls latter to My Life My Choice
At Inspirations for Youth and Families we pride ourselves on not only teaching teens how to stay sober but also about prevention. One of our prevention groups has recently begun taking the My Life My Choice curriculum. Through these lessons we will be teaching our IYF teen girls about what commercial sexual exploitation is and how to identify it.

What is Commercial Sexual Exploitation?

Commercial Sexual Exploitation is the exploitation of someone sexually for anything of commercial value. So whether it is drugs, money, or a place to sleep having sex with someone for something of monetary value in return is an act of sexual exploitation.

My Life My Choice

The prevention and help organization My Life My Choice (MLMC) advocates for the cause of human trafficking and ending the commercialized sex industry‘s hold on young people in the community. MLMC has trained over 7,000 youth providers and led more than 1,750 prevention groups nationwide.

My Life My Choice stands to protect those who have been affected by human trafficking and seeks to educate everyone about the issue. They have events, training and a curriculum system designed to teach everyone the truth about the commercialized sex industry not only worldwide but here in the US as well.

IYF teen’s respond through reflection

Since we have begun adapting the curriculum into our group session we have gotten a lot of positive feedback from our IYF teen girls about the information they were learning, many have opened up about their own close calls and experiences. A lot of our teens were grateful to receive the information and hope to pass it on to others when they return home.

A part of our group exercise is to write their anonymous “reflection” letter based on the topics they discussed or learned during the group session. Our teens ask questions, share experiences, and express anything they felt could not be verbally said during the group.

Here are a few letters of thanks to the survivors who shared their stories:

They also wrote a refection letter to “John” who is an existing or potential human trafficking customer:

IYF teen girls write reflection letters for My Life My Choice
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