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teen graduate
During their stay at Inspirations for Youth and Families clients Helena and Nick completed their high school education. Our dedicated educational staff working closely with our teens to help them gain a better understanding of what they are learning and to reach their ultimate goal like Nick and Helena, to graduate.

Watch what Helena and Nick had to say here:


Both teens were able to reach their goals of graduating by addressing their issues in a positive manner through our dual diagnosis treatment. They also took advantage of our one on one tutoring available to help teens with their problem areas in education. To reward their hard work we decided to put on a small graduation and party.

The teens had no idea that they were going to have this graduation and were through surprised. Although they are away from home our teens were able to share this moment with their Inspirations family and friends.

On behalf of all our staff at Inspirations we want to congratulate these teens on reaching their goals, putting in the hard work to live a sober life and also for not giving up on themselves. We hope they continue to achieve more of their goals and continue living a sober lifestyle.


IYF Class of 2015 – Teens in drug rehab graduate high school!
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