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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love – whether it’s romantic love or otherwise. It can be difficult around the holidays, especially for those who have a loved one in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Whether it’s your mom, dad, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, many people are at a loss as to what to do for Valentine’s Day. They want to show their loved one that they care, but it’s difficult to plan a date when your loved one can’t leave treatment. Here is what you can do instead:

Purchase a Gift or Create a Homemade Item

Letting your loved one know that you care can be as simple as creating a cute, homemade item for them. You can decorate a picture frame, put together a scrap book, or find another way to make a thoughtful gift. There are plenty of great ideas on websites like Pinterest. If homemade items aren’t your thing or you’re not artistically inclined, then you can always purchase a gift for your loved one. However, please be aware that many treatment centers ban certain items. You will also want to avoid purchasing an expensive gift for your loved one because most rehabs are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Save the nice gift for when your beau is out of treatment!

Send a Heartfelt Note or letter

The art of letter writing might be dying, but everyone loves receiving a sweet note or letter! This is a great idea for those celebrating Valentine’s Day away from each other. Most patients in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction are not allowed to have a cell phone and most don’t have regular access to the internet. A hand-written letter show that you’re missing your loved one and that you are wishing the best for them. It’s old-fashioned and quaint, which is why we love the idea.

Visit Your Loved One

This idea could be a little tricky, depending on the visitation policy in place at the treatment center. Your loved one may be receptive to the idea of seeing you, especially around the holidays, but you will need to check with the staff before just showing up to visit. Sometimes, people in treatment need to be isolated from those they knew in the past. This allows them to work out their own issues with their therapist without worrying about the outside world. However, if it’s possible for you to visit and your loved one wants to see you, then go for it!


It’s Valentine’s Day and Your Loved One is in Rehab
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