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In the next few months, Inspirations for Youth and Families will be reporting on the early warning signs of teen drug abuse. Each week we will explore a different drug that is currently being abused by teens and provide parents with helpful information which may assist them in detecting potential red flags.

This week we will cover Marijuana Teen Addiction. Marijuana is also referred to as Cannabis, and has been hypothesized by some researchers to be a gateway drug that leads to more serious teen drug abuse.


Sign #1 

Secret behavior: If you ask them how their day was they often reply with one word answers.

Sign #2

Your teen is seldom home: Your teen is never home anymore. He or she always has something to do outside of the house.

Sign #3

Teen spends less with the family:  The days of having your teen attend any of your popular family outings like camping trips, short vacations, or reunions are now a distant memory.

Sign #4

Distant:  If they do spend time with the family, they are aloof.

Sign #5

Messy Bedrooms: Their rooms aren’t being kept up anymore. A once tidy room is now a pig stye.

Sign #6

Physical Appearance: They shower less often and dress poorly.

Sign #7

Eye-drops: You may find a bottle of Visine in their room. Eye-drops are used to take the red out of their eyes – a side-effect of marijuana use.

Sign #8

Drug Paraphenalia:While doing their laundry, a package of rolling papers or a pipe may fall out of their pants, or a bong could be hidden in their closet.

Sign #9

Poor Grades: Often times, teen marijuana use negatively impact a teen’s report card.

Sign #10

New Friends: If you start to see your teen with a new set of friends that are a radical shift from his or her original clique, it could mean it is marijuana related




Is your Teen abusing Marijuana?
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