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flakka case

A recent report by NBC Miami was released about a Florida State college student who was caught eating the face of  one of his victim that he killed along with his wife. This bizarre crime seems eerily similar to the cases of bath salts and Flakka reported a few years ago.

The rise of Flakka and Bath Salts

Last year Florida was under siege by flakka. Its sudden descent on the local community also brought a wave of outrageous stories of just exactly what this drug made people do. The news was rampant with reports of users exhibiting extreme paranoia, increased strength and erratic behavior.

Flakka is a synthetic compound made up mostly of bath salts. This drug gained immediate popularity as it is known to create a euphoric feeling for less than five dollars. To many addicts this quickly became a better alternative than heroin. The use of Flakka made headlines as users continued to display extreme hallucinations and paranoia. One man even impaled himself trying to escape from police. Flakka can give users super human strength and in once instance it took six officers to subdue a user.

What effects does Flakka really have?

The Cove Center for Recovery treated many flakka addict including Chris who shared his account of how being on the drug made him feel.

“It does give you that superman sense of invincibility. For example, one day while on flakka, I walked for miles and miles and the next day my legs and feet were so swollen and I was dehydrated. I think I lost 10 pounds in a span of 48 hours.”

-Chris, former Flakka user

Bath Salts are another drug associated with making its users deranged. It gained its notoriety when a South Florida user was found eating the face of his victim. Treatment for bath salts and designer drugs like Flakka are far and few between.

“As a treatment center it is important to stay up to date on the drugs teens are using as well as how to treat them. Whenever there is a new drug or trendy drug we make it our business to find out how it works and how it can be treated, similarly to how we helped Chris with his Flakka treatment when no other rehab dared to take him on.” 

-Karen Corcoran-Walsh, co-founder of Inspirations Youth and Cove Center for Recovery.

This recent case of college student Austin Harrouff shows signs of hallucinogenic drug use.

Student attacks couple in their own home

The student attacked Michelle Mischon and John Stevens III at their Tequesta, Florida home. After stabbing his victims he began to chew on the face of John Stevens just as a Martin County deputy arrived on the scene. Harrouff was so supercharged he didn’t even respond to authorities using a taser and K-9 dog to remove him from the victim and crime scene. It eventually took four deputies to pry him from Stevens and arrest him.

In the midst of all this a neighbor who initially called 911 was severely injured trying to help. Jeff Fisher is expected to survive but had to be taken to the local hospital for his stab wounds.

Is Flakka back?

The similarities between this case and others involving Bath Salts and Flakka seem eerily similar. This begs the question is Flakka back or do we have a new drug on our hands? At this moment authorities are currently awaiting the toxicology report taken from Harrouff to be processed. After its examination hopefully we will have a closer understanding at what exactly caused him to act out so violently.

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