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Teens in rehab and local recovery community honor those lost to addiction with a NOPE vigil

Nope Vigil with inspirations teens and local recovery community

Our teens performing together with the local recovery band.


What is NOPE?

Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education (NOPE) consists of community leaders, and families who have lost loved ones to drug-related deaths, came together to help prevent drug abuse and drug overdose deaths. Nope vigils usually include statistics and commentary on the issues of drug abuse and concluded with parents sharing their chilling, heart-wrenching stories of losing their child from a drug-related incident. The NOPE presentation was first delivered to Palm Beach County students during the 2002-2003 school year.

In the US 43,982 people die every year from a drug overdose.

International Overdose Awareness Day website

This all began in 2002, the Florida Office of Drug Control discovered that Palm Beach County had the fastest growing rate of drug overdose deaths in the State and requested that the community takes action. With that in mind, the community came together and took the time to educate others while also honoring those we’ve lost.

How did Inspirations honor those we’ve lost

Together with our local recovery community Inspirations for Youth and Families honors those we’ve lost to drug or alcohol abuse in a heart-warming way. Along with a sermon and music worshiping those we have lost, our teens pay tribute by performing uplifting music. Many of our teens have lost friends to drug overdoses as well. So it is a highly emotional event. Many tears are shed and sadness is pervasive throughout the church venue.

“The Vigil along with Inspirations for Youth and Families are bringing awareness to the issue of substance abuse. We’re opening the doors to recovery by eliminating the prejudice that has followed the disese of addiction.” 

-Denise Achee, Inspirations Education Director

The Inspirations Nope Vigil this year reached out to fellow members of the community for help and support. Together with the First Christian Church, the local recovery community along with Inspirations teens and staff gathered together. As a group, they came together in worship and to comfort each other from their loss.

Our teen’s prepared performances for those who came in honor of the lives we’ve lost to addiction.

And here they are:


Inspirations NOPE Vigil 2017 from Inspirations for Youth on Vimeo.

Gabe also singing:

See last year’s candlelight vigil on our Inspirations Youtube.


Inspiratons and local recovery community get together for NOPE service
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