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Inspirations for Youth and Families co-founder, Karen Corcoran Walsh and CEO, Dr.James Hughes were invited to the Dr.Phil show as guests on the Emmy award winning show this week. This wasn’t our first time being on the show. In 2012, Karen was asked to share her expertise on addiction treatment with his guests and national television audience. This time around Karen and Dr. Hughes were invited to speak with a young woman suffering from severe alcohol abuse as representatives of  The Cove Center for Recovery as well as Inspirations for Youth and Families.

Inspirations Youth Teens share how they feel

We gathered the Inspirations youth teens to watch and share their thoughts on this episode. Here are a few things our teens had to say.

Inspirations youth teens

Jarrett sharing his thoughts after the episode.

“This episode was very similar to me. At first, you don’t see all the positives (of getting clean) but as time goes on it gets better. I think coming to our treatment would be good for her (guest on Dr.Phil). We get to do a whole lot besides just being in treatment. I love that can go out and play basketball and go other places,” said Jarrett, a teen at Inspirations Youth

“I think it’s cool how Inspirations has helped so many people that they’ve even gotten on the radar of Dr.Phil,” said Frangelica another Inspirations Teen Youth.

Check out some more of what our Inspirations Youth teens had to say:

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“I think it was relatable how the girl and her family were reacting to her alcohol abuse. I’ve been there with my parents so I could relate.I think it’s pretty cool we were on Dr.Phil! My mom saw that we were on there before and thought it was a good fit from what they saw.”

-Ivy, Inspirations teen.


Be sure to catch the episode on Youtube!

Inspirations Youth teens proud treatment center was featured on Dr.Phil
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