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M.Synder Inspirations Youth provide teens freedom to grow
Madison is one of the many teen success stories that has happened here at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF). She like many others teens fell deeply into drug abuse and addiction. Madison is a kind and talented young lady we had the pleasure of helping. We wish her the best on her journey in life and recovery.

After successfully completing our program we asked her what she thought of her stay and this is what she had to stay:

Scott: How do you feel about your stay here? You’ve been here a little while. What do you think about it?

Madison: I really liked it and it really benefited me and it really changed my life. The staff here is great and the therapy is awesome. It’s really fun here and your get to really learn a lot about yourself here. It’s a journey to self discovery.

Scott: That sounds like fun! We tell people right from the start we aren’t a jail this is an open environment. It’s not a punishment and you can tell by what we have in the facilities. I don’t think there are many facilities that do that so what is your opinion on this.

Madison: It’s definitely not a lock down facility. We definitely have a lot of at the residence where we sleep. We go on outings every Sunday and we get to choose where we go.

We get taken to the beach and there are a lot of extracurricular activities.

Scott: Do you like this one if it were to be compared to another treatment center? With 12 foot fences and a cafeteria styled eating. What would you prefer?

Madison: This is my one and hopefully treatment center but I’m really glad we chose this one because I’ve heard that other ones aren’t too pleasant. It’s kind of like sometimes you forget it’s a treatment center whenever you’re at an ice skating rink with your friends.

It’s been great and I’m really thankful for this experience.

Scott: Well thank you and you are a phenomenal speaker.

See the interview here:

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Inspirations Youth provide teens freedom to grow
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