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A cell phone is often a teen’s most prized possession.

Michael B., an Inspirations alum, would agree. He loves using his cell phone for many purposes, especially sharing pictures and videos on Snapchat.

But his passion for his cell phone did not stop the teen’s commitment to his addiction recovery. After his last therapy session with Lopez Brown, an Inspirations addiction treatment therapist, Michael allowed Lopez to help him erase all of the people he did drugs with in the past from his cell phone.

As Lopez held Michael’s phone, he deleted each drug user from Michael’s contact lists and from his social media accounts, as Michael guided him through the process.

“I’m blocking out the bad people like those that influence me to do drugs or people that do drugs because…if I talk to them, I might want to use again, and it’ll be really bad,” Michael said.

According to Lopez, Michael displayed a lot of progress and growth during his last therapy session, where he committed to ending friendships that were not good for his recovery.

“If I surround myself with positive people, like my mom, my dad, my sisters, school friends and my girlfriend,” Michael said. “It will uproot me and make me be a better, positive person.”

Teen in rehab shows he is serious about recovery

By reflecting on the truthful statements from his addiction treatment therapists, the teen said he was able to be honest and make the changes that would drastically impact his life.

“Although [hearing the truth] can be really painful and hurtful, it’s ‘truth’ and it can make you self-reflect and change.”

Michael said he is proud to see the change that occurred in his life because of his honest therapists.

“I’m a polar opposite image of what I was when I first came to Inspirations,” he said. “If the need arises to come back, I would because this place taught me a lot. The therapists are very straightforward, and they actually know what they’re doing. They don’t sugarcoat anything.”

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