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Inspirations Teens get up close and personal with Dr. Phil and his cutting edge VR Therapy

Virtual Reality (VR) is not only being used for gaming. This amazing technology is now found its way into the addiction recovery profession. Research by major universities shows that VR therapy is even more effective than traditional therapeutic methods. From post-traumatic stress disorder to drug and alcohol addiction VR therapy has shown significant breakthroughs in helping others to cope.

Watch Dr. Phil explain the VR Technology

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Virtual Reality therapy in teen addiction treatment

At the forefront of teen addiction treatment, Inspirations for Youth and Families is well known for being ahead of the curve in terms of implementing new modalities. IYF has implemented a revolutionary virtual reality therapy (VRT) program invented by non-other than Dr.Phil himself.

“Inspirations is one of the elite programs in the country that offers VR Therapy.” 

– Dr. Phil

How does virtual reality therapy work?

virtual reality therapy

Inspirations teens trying out virtual reality therapy.

Dr.Phil’s Path to Recovery virtual reality program offers 29 video exercises designed to help you identify addiction triggers. These sessions also help clients to understand the appropriate actions to take as well as preventative measures when a trigger occurs.

“It’s like you are there in all these environments, it’s an amazing teaching tool.”

-Eric, guest trying virtual reality on the Dr.Phil show.

1) The program starts with virtual “sit-down” with Dr. Phil. It’s as if you are literally sitting next to him as he explains the program. Here you will learn the keys to identifying and achieving the kind of life you really want. You’ll leave these sessions feeling as though you just had an eye-opening and insightful conversation about your life with Dr. Phil.

2) Next, there’s an in-depth workbook exercise that will help you hone in on specific aspects of your life and your thought process. You’ll then discuss your answers with Inspirations primary therapists.

Stay tuned as we will provide updates on this ground-breaking VR program.

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Inspirations teen rehab partners with Dr.Phil to introduce Virtual Reality Therapy
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