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In honor of the 3rd Annual Take Five to Stay Alive student video contest organized by Broward County our teen rehab clients at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) have created an outstanding Public Service Announcements (PSA’s). These videos help to promote the popular slogan for safe driving “Take 5 to Stay Alive – Don’t Text and Drive”.

“The whole project taught our teen’s one important lesson – teen driving and texting can be a dangerous proposition and not only lead to a serious injury, but a fatality as well.”

Karen Corcoran Walsh, owner of Inspirations teen rehab.

The Take 5 to Stay Alive campaign challenged students all across Florida to write and produce a creative video that effectively spreads their safe driving message. This 30 to 60 second PSA will serve as a reminder to their peers why texting and driving is a deadly combination.

Watch this year’s entry

Don’t be Stupid created by Inspirations teen rehab boys

This video plays on the concept of stupidity and recognizing that texting while driving is a stupid act. Here our teens hint at numerous activities that indicate they would not be a logical choice for anyone to make just as texting and driving should be.

Don’t Miss It by Inspirations teen rehab girls

Our girls took the concept of missing out into their Don’t Text and Drive video. Here we have a girl among her friends who constantly misses out on events or moments because she is always looking at her phone. This reinforces the message that you can miss out on a lot when you take your eyes off the wheel to text while driving.

Take 5 to Stay Alive 2015 Entry

Inspirations for Youth and families entered the “Take 5 to Stay Alive – Don’t Text and Drive” contest and were the first place recipient of the student’s choice award. The winning skit was created by IYF teen clients Jimmy, Taylor, and Noah who wrote and starred in the video called “Boys.”

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