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Strong Bodiez and Teen in Inspirations teen rehab learning life skills fitness

Inspirations for Youth and Families teens work-out at a state-of-the-art gym three days a week and here’s why:

We believe physical fitness plays an integral part of a teen’s recovery from addiction. And are often neglected by other programs. At Inspirations we encourage and educate our teens on the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Strong Bodiez



Jen from Strong Bodiez

As a personal trainer Jen is dedicates her time to sharing the knowledge she has gained along the way as a member of the fitness and recovery community onto our teens. Jen works very hard to get our teens active, happy about fitness and how to use it to their benefit. With over six years experience in the fitness industry she specializes in group, personal and home training.

“I grew up around AA with my father and was also admitted to a rehab when I was a teen. I am very grateful for the experience and can relate to these teens”

-Jen, Strong Bodiez owner and former teen addict

Jen curates a work out system for the teens to complete as a group as well as individually. Her fitness course teaches teens what each exercise does for the body as well as the proper way to execute the moves. Since joining her session many teens have seen a tremendous transformation of not only their body but their overall health.For example, Bailey has lost 10 pounds since starting the program and another teen Steven has built body mass and is a muscular 25 pounds heavier!

“I wanted to do something where I can give back and use my skills and personality. A lot of them come in frustrated and I challenge them to take it out in their work out and they leave with a smile on their faces!”

-Jen, Personal trainer for Inspirations teens

At Inspirations, we have never promised recovery would be easy whether our teens are in group therapy or lifting weights in the gym.

Inspirations teen rehab hits the gym hard
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