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Inspirations teen rehab talent show
This past week Inspirations for Youth and Families held a talent show to exhibit the talents of our teens as well as to build their self-esteem. We invited fellow teens as well as Inspirations teen rehab staff members to watch our teens unveil all their hidden talents.

Inspirations teen rehab performances

We had various memorable acts including Derek on the drums. Coming all the way from North Florida he displays his talents during this awesome drum solo which was worthy of an encore.

derek inspirations teen rehab

Derek performing his drum solo

Similarly, another teen really stole the show with her light dancing techniques. The crowd was mesmerized by her breathtaking finger choreography.  Heather really led a spectacular show as many attendees have never seen this type of talent before.

Two of our teen girls also decided to display their awesome talent performing a duet version of Pretty Hurts by Beyonce. Their teamwork and unison warmed our hearts as they explained before performing how nervous they both were. Despite their fear these girls rocked this performance and were met by a roar of applause at the end.

Listen here:

We even had staff participation to urge on our teens to come out and show their talents! Thanks to our Inspirations teen rehab behavioral technician Brandon. He gave a brave face to show our teens not to be afraid to be in front of a crowd and not to limit themselves to what they can do. He gave a brief drum solo performance encourage teens like Derek, Noah, and Trent a try.

brandon inspirations teen rehab

At Inspirations teen rehab we strive to teach our teens the importance of trying new and healthy activities in order to change their destructive habits. We were delighted our teens overcame their stage fright and overall public speaking fear and put on a fantastic show.

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Inspirations teen rehab encourages teen’s talents
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