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In this podcast hosted by Educational Director, Denise Achee and Inspirations’ Creative Expressions Coordinator, Donovan Ortega we get an in depth yet comical perspective of a teen’s journey through the rehabilitation process.

This concept was created by one of the teens, Kammi, who within her testimonial described her thought process each week in treatment. Although very funny this process serves as a true testament as many addicts who enter treatment feel this way.

Listen to The Phases of Rehab podcast here:

The Phases of Rehab


Phase I: Denial

This phase takes place your first week of treatment. During this time Kammi explains you are in denial about your drug abuse and the choices you made. She also states you will blame others rather than taking responsibility for your actions. At this point, you may also harbor anger to loved ones for sending you to treatment.


Phase II: Guilt

Once you have accepted that you do have a problem addicts often go into a guilt spiral. They begin to regret their choices or blame themselves for the outcome. Most addicts begin working on themselves at this stage in order to take responsibility for their actions.

Phase III: Impatience

By week three, some addicts become impatient and restless. They are eager to get back to their life, friends,and family. Kammi refers this as the “know-it-all” phase. Addicts at this stage feel since they are aware of their addiction that they can now control it. However, knowing you have a problem is not enough to resolve it.

 Phase IV-IIX: Hard Work/Dischargehard working

In addition, until teens have reached the discharge phases they usually go back and forth between the impatient and hard working phases. As each week passes by teens get more impatient to return home but, they also strive to work hard so they can actually do so. Once the date of discharge finally approaches according to Kammi you then realize all the time you spent and work you put into the program was actually worth it.


To hear more about Kammi’s stay at Inspirations teen rehab, check out her full testimonial!

Inspirations teen rehab client shares her weekly phases during treatment
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