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teen rehab smoothie
The Inspirations for Youth and Families how to is back with a simple and healthy smoothie recipe! As a part of our teen rehab Nutritional Course, our students are taught how to prepare easy and tasty meals. This week we tackle the summer heat with a refreshing watermelon smoothie. Naturally, our teens were also taught the health benefits of this nutritious drink.


2 cups of watermelon
1 cup of ice
1 Tablespoon of sugar

For additional nutrients and flavor you can add these!

Your choice of berries
Ground ginger
Lemon Juice
V8 Watermelon Lemonade Splash


A blender or juicer is necessary. Load the blender with the following:

2 cups of watermelon
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 cup of ice

Add any of the additional ingredients and then blend until smooth. This creates 1-2 servings.

Benefits of smoothies

We encourage our teens to enjoy these tasty and nutritional smoothies as they provide all natural health benefits. Watermelon is known to carry loads of benefits such as lowering blood pressure and hydrating the body. This summer fruit is a perfect snack as it tastes very sweet but is also fat and cholesterol free. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals perfect for increasing circulation throughout the body.

Watermelon smoothies are also a great way to create a natural detox for the body. This fruit is known to regulate the body giving way to healthier skin, organs and even providing energy. Smoothies like the one we created today are another great way to flush the body of unnecessary toxins and supplying you with electrolytes and anti-oxidants.

Let us know what you thought of our teens’ delicious new smoothie!

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Inspirations teen rehab beat summer heat with refreshing smoothie!
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